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Travel Insurance For Pre-existing Conditions Like HIV

Today I wanted to share a post highlighting the importance of travel insurance for people with pre-existing illnesses such as HIV, diabetes, heart disease or other conditions that would normally be excluded from travel insurance coverage. There are multiple news stories that show that travel insurance supplies don’t cover many medical problems with standard ‘out […]

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can you get gonorrhoea from kissing

Can You Get Gonorrhoea From Kissing?

  Today I was sent the interesting question of whether you can get gonorrhoea from kissing… I made a quick video but to get to the point: yes! Can You Get Gonorrhoea From Kissing? Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection that is normally sexually transmitted. It can be hosted in the penis, vagina, rectum, throat and […]

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Healthy Sexual Citizens

3 Tips For Healthy Sexual Citizens

3 Tips For Healthy Sexual Citizens Today I wanted to share some thoughts with many exciting events coming up. I am excited to be travelling to the USA for events and it got me thinking… What makes for a healthy sexual citizen? For me there were three important concepts that I wanted to share: 1) […]

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Hepatitis A Outbreak In Victoria Australia

The Victorian Health Department has issued a notification of a Hepatitis A outbreak in the gay community of Melbourne Victoria. An outbreak of hepatitis A has been identified in Victoria. As of 12 January, 27 confirmed cases have been identified, and a further 12 cases of hepatitis A infection are being investigated. Of the 27 […]

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Meningococcal C Outbreak In Victoria Australia

Meningococcal C Outbreak In Melbourne & Victoria 8 cases of Meningococcal C Infections In Victoria. The majority in gay and bisexual men. Meningococcal disease can cause serious illness and death in 10% of cases Meningococcal disease can be prevented with vaccination Vic Health will offer all men who have sex with men free vaccination with […]

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How To Get PrEP In Melbourne

Hi. I’m Dr George Forgan-Smith and I’m a PrEP doctor based in Melbourne CBD. Today I wanted to briefly talk about how to get PrEP in Melbourne. PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis is a single daily tablet when taken every day it reduces the risk of HIV infection by about 99%. Now, it’s an important thing […]

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medical butt plugs

Medical Butt Plugs?

Today I came across a facinating article in the Pink News on the a range of medical butt plugs that were sold as “miracle cures” of constipation right through to insanity. As noted in the article: Writing in a 1893 medical journal, the eponymous Dr Young touted the devices as a cure for insanity, insisting […]

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