Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

A recent study in London has found that E-Cigarettes, an electronic gadget that essentially delivers nicotine using the same motions as cigarettes, has been noted to help some people quit smoking. On one side of the room are those marketing the device stating that they are safer then regular cigarettes as they don’t have the […]

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Ongoing Vilification Of Gay Men

This morning I was sent this video from one of the readers… The content, while it starts vaguely sensible and sane, quickly turns to the most homophobic bullshit I have seen in a long time. The content is based around the concerns of a Christian lady who feels she was put a risk for not […]

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how to sound safely

Two Top Tips For Sounding Safety

Hey there Guys. Today I thought it was important to talk about sounding safety after a 70 year old man had to be operated on to have a dinner fork removed from his penis. To quote the news report: A 70-year-old Canberra man came to an extraordinarily painful fork in the road when he presented […]

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Torrance Memorial Physician Network Doctor Diagnoses Man With Homosexual Behaviour

In a bizarre news story this weekend 45 year old California resident was diagnosed with “homosexual behaviour” by a doctor employed by the¬†Torrance Memorial Physician Network. As reported by NBC News: Earlier this year, Matthew Moore started seeing a new doctor who suggested he undergo a complete physical. The tests revealed he was B-12 deficient, […]

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gay persecution

Gay Persecution Continues In Baton Rouge

In a disturbing news report today gay persecution is continuing in Baton Rouge Louisiana. With police creating sting operations to arrest gay men for “crimes against nature”, gay men who agree to consensual sex with undercover police officers are being arrested despite the law being struck down by the Supreme Court in 2003. There is […]

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