Do You Know How Homophobia Feels?

Do you know how homophobia feels? Just this weekend I was camping with friends. The scene was idilic. We were in a wonderfully cosy house on the edge of a river in Sydney’s national park. As we sat drinking coffee on the verandah a group of young people, two girls, two guys went past in […]

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gonorrhoea on the rise

Gonorrhoea On The Rise In Australian Study

Gonorrhoea is on the rise according to a recent Australian study that notes the biggest rise has been within the gay community and other men who have sex with men. Importantly it’s vital to know that the high proportion of infections were found in either the throat or the anus. Unlike gonorrhoea in the penis with […]

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epipen for severe allergic reaction

Do You Know How To Treat A Severe Allergic Reaction?

Sad news today of a 14 year old girl who died of a severe allergic reaction in Ireland. Emma Sloan had a common allergy to peanuts. When exposed she suffered a severe allergic reaction that included swelling of the lips, throat and tongue. This sadly lead to closure of her airways and she was not […]

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homophobic actions by Jetstar Staff

Jetstar Airways Homophobia

Can you imagine  what it would be like to arrive in a new city tired, keen to get to your final destination and your bag comes out with an airline manufactured homophobic taunt? For blogger “One Sleepy Dad” this was exactly his experience when flying with Jetstar Airline Australia. Utterly disgusted to find my luggage […]

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do you recognise these signs of drowning?

Can You Recognise The Signs Of Drowning?

Today I was alerted to an important article on how many people are not able to recognise the signs of drowning. While movies portray people thrashing, screaming and calling for help, Dr Francesco A. Pia reports that in real life the signs of drowning are very different. Dr Pia reports on what he calls “The Instinctive […]

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home renovation asbestos risks

Highlighting Home Renovation Asbestos Risks

Today I wanted to share a recent medical report highlighting the risk of home renovation asbestos exposure. Many of my friends are keen renovators however the article in Australian Medical Observer reports disturbingly low use of protective equipment to prevent exposure to asbestos. Asbestos exposure carries high risks of cancers like mesothelioma If you are […]

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risk of HIV with steroid injecting

Steroid Injecting Bodybuilders At High Risk Of HIV Infection

News today from the Medical Observer Australia has reported an alarming increase of HIV infection with 1 in 10 steroid users having evidence of infection with either HIV, Hepatitis B & C. Additional evidence shows that steroid users has other risk taking behaviours with only 1 in 5 reporting having used condoms in the previous […]

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Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

A recent study in London has found that E-Cigarettes, an electronic gadget that essentially delivers nicotine using the same motions as cigarettes, has been noted to help some people quit smoking. On one side of the room are those marketing the device stating that they are safer then regular cigarettes as they don’t have the […]

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Mental Illness

Standing Up For People With Mental Illness

You may recall that just yesterday the 12th of September was RUOK day. A day devoted to suicide prevention as well as standing up for people who are living with mental illness. Today I read an interesting yet very sad article on how many people living with mental illness are treated.  In her article Caring […]

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Ongoing Vilification Of Gay Men

This morning I was sent this video from one of the readers… The content, while it starts vaguely sensible and sane, quickly turns to the most homophobic bullshit I have seen in a long time. The content is based around the concerns of a Christian lady who feels she was put a risk for not […]

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