How To Find A Kink Friendly Doctor

Dr George Forgan-Smith a kink friendly GP in Melbourne Australia

Hey team, Today I wanted to talk about how to find a kink friendly doctor…

BTW If you are in Melbourne this is me and my office:

When people are involved with BDSM, kink and fetish play there can be times when you want to talk with a doctor however there may be concerns about how to approach the topic with your regular doctor.

Unfortunately doctors are not all the same and I am yet to see a single medical training that addresses medical aspects of kink and fetish. This can leave patients feeling isolated and unsure of how to get the best help. I hope this post will help you find a doctor you can feel comfortable with to discuss all aspects of your life.

How Do I Find BDSM Friendly Doctors?

One of the best places to start is talking with your friends. If you have play partners who are experienced there is a good chance they have a doctor who they have been found to be open, understanding and friendly towards kink and fetish play. Ask for recommendations!

If your friends are equally lost I recommend talking with local BDSM groups or teachers. Look for groups that hold regular classes or sell BDSM equipment. They can be amazing resources.

Failing this, a good place to start is your local medical practices that are engaged with the LGBTI community. The doctors at these clinics are usually a bit more switched on and can usually help finding someone who can meet your needs.

Be Sure To Meet The Doctor

The biggest predictor of good relationships with a doctor is you feeling safe, confident and valued.

I recommend booking an appointment to talk with the doctor about their specialty interests as well as if they can be a good match for you. If you dont to feel like it’s a good match then you may need to keep exploring. Consider the time spent an investment in your future health.

If you are in or around Melbourne, I’d be happy to catch up and have a chat. My office is at Collins Street Medical, 267 Collins Street Melbourne. It’s very close to Flinders Street station as well as many tram and bus routes.


Hi team, it’s George here. And today I wanted to talk about the importance of finding a kink friendly doctor. If you’re involved in the kink or BDSM lifestyle. Now it is important that within kink, even when you’re practising safe, sane and consensual play, there can be injuries or there can just be issues that you want to be able to discuss with the doctor, but you may not feel comfortable talking with your regular doctor about. I understand this, so it is important that you have a doctor that you feel safe to be able to divulge this sort of information to. So how do you find a kink friendly doctor? Well, the most important thing is talk with your friends. If they have a great doctor, they’ll be happy to let you know. They’ll also let you know about bad doctors that may not be kid-friendly as well. 
If you aren’t able to find somebody in that way, then talk with your local kink professionals, whether they be people who are running classes, people who are running the kink stores, they sometimes have good information about people that they can recommend. Here in Melbourne, we’ve got the amazing people that say an Eagle who do a lot of teaching in Sydney’s studio kink. Um, there’s lots of people that you can talk with failing that, I would recommend looking into the local gay, lesbian, trans, intersex health groups to find doctors there now that they may not necessarily be involved in kink, but they would be accustomed to helping people who are, and if they’re not able to directly answer your question, they can guide you to somebody who can. Once you have the name of somebody, I recommend that you meet with them. We know that the number one outcome for good health in between a health practitioner and a patient is that they feel safe and confident and that’s the most important thing. 
Do you feel safe to be able to divulge personal information with this doctor and still feel honoured or not judged? Now, if you’re in Melbourne, happy to help. Um, I’m based on Collins street. My information is in the little box below. If you’re outside of Melbourne, I’m very happy to start creating a list of doctors who are kink friendly to be able to guide you If I don’t have an answer, I will certainly have a group of people who may be able to give you an answer. And I think that this is really, really important, that you have good health and you feel honoured when you’re seeking health information. I hope that was useful and I wish you the absolute best in an amazing, kinky, fun, vibrant sex life. So go forth and get ye an awesome doctor and I’d love to hear how your experience has been. Have an amazing day. See your team.