Colt Butt Plug Trainer Kit Reviewed

You can check out the butt plug trainer hit here @ Mr S Leather

For more information on butt plug safety be sure to check out my full guide here.

Full Transcript here:

Hey, guys. Today, I wanted to have a brief chat about ways to get started in anal play. Look, a lot of people are interested in the idea of exploring the sensations that are available through the butt, but they really aren’t sure about the best way to start, and it can be a little bit intimidating when you first start looking at toys. They’re like, “Fuck, that’s really, really big. I’m not quite sure how that’s going to get in there.”

One of the tips that I would love to offer you is that you should start with something that’s going to help you be gently introduced, a smaller butt plug that will say this is the sensations that you’re looking for and you can explore in a way that you aren’t going to be overwhelmed. One thing that I do recommend is to get a set of smaller butt plugs. One kit that I do recommend is this kit here. It is the Colt kit and it comes with three different butt plugs in there. I’ll just show you. The very first one of the kit is actually quite small. It’s no more than an inch in diameter. Let’s face it. Your poos are wider than this butt plug.

Now, what’s good about this is that it’s actually very, very soft and it has no scratchy edges on there. It goes from a tiny, tiny, tiny penetrating hole to slowly getting bigger, but it’s over a long distance on the plug, so you’ve got plenty of chance to relax and enjoy the sensations. Now, from this one, you can go to the next level, which is a little bit more tapered, probably just under two inches wide here at the widest point. It’s no more than two inches. Again this is something just to help you get the idea and the sensations of your ass being opened. Then finally they do have a third one which is a little bit wider, probably I would say two and a half inches. We’re going from not so thin to a wider graduated process.

Now, the trick with getting used to playing with butt plugs is to take your time and just go with the sensations. The ass actually got two sets of muscles in there. The first set, the most external set is the one that you can control. If you really, really are needing to go to the bathroom, it’s that last [swing of 00:02:43] that you’re using that you’re clenching to make sure that you don’t poo yourself before you get to the bathroom. Inside that, from there about maybe an inch, half an inch to an inch inside there is a second group of muscles. Now, these cannot be voluntarily controlled. The trick to getting them to relax is very gentle stretch, and this where a toy like this can be very helpful, that it very gently stretches.

What I recommend is find some time where you know you’re not going to be interrupted. Relax. Have a nice warm shower before you start to play. Get lots and lots of lube, and then just lube up the tip of the butt plug, and then very gently start rubbing against the ass, and then just very gently just popping the tip in there. Probably start with the small or the medium. Then just slowly, slowly working some of the butt plug in there. You will find that the sensations can be a little bit unusual to start with, and it might feel like you need to do a poo. Over time, you will be able to start to enjoy the sensations. Probably about that far in to the insertion of the plug the prostate is. You can gently start rocking the plug and you might notice a different sensation as the tip bumps against the prostate as well.

Guys, the key to enjoying anal play is slow, slow, slow. Start enjoying the sensations. Start enjoying the feeling of your ass opening up. The minute that you get discomfort or you start feeling tense, that’s the time to just take it back a notch, relax and allow the body to get back to its normal state. Take your time. There’s no rush. You will be able to enjoy these sensations, but it’s about just allowing the relaxation to take over. Before you know it, you will be surprised that your body starts to open up and you can enjoy the experience.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. I hope this was helpful. See you guys. I’ll pop a link. Yeah, I’ll pop a link that if you want to check out these trio of training butt plugs. This can be a good kit to have a go. There will be a link just below. Anyway, send me a question. Have a great day. See you guys.