What Are Butt Plugs For? Part 2

A continuation of a previous post about the use of butt plugs.

Full Transcript Here:

Hey guys, it’s Doctor George here and today I wanted to answer the question what are butt plugs for. Butt plugs are an anal toy. They are used to help open up and explore the anal area in ways that can give really nice sensations to the body. If you’re a guy, opening up the ass also accesses the prostate which means you can get some additional sensations that men generally don’t get exposed to. If you’re a girl, the anus is a different sensation to that of the vagina, so gentle exploration with the ass can lead again to different sensations.

Butt plugs are primarily designed in a way that they will very gently open up the ass. They also have this thinner area towards the base there, and that is where the ass will close over, so this can be inserted into the ass, and you’ve got the flange here. I don’t recommend leaving these toys in the ass for longer than say, 20 minutes though because it can lead to ulceration of the anal lining, so it’s very important that if you notice any discomfort, pain or you just have a yucky feeling in the gut, remove the toy and just relax and make sure that everything is okay. If you notice any bleeding that’s not settling down, please go and see medical help immediately.

The key to any butt plug play is to take your time, use lots of lube and relax. Enjoy the sensations. If you notice any sensations that aren’t pleasant, slow down or stop. It’s really really important you don’t damage the lining of the ass because it can lead to problems, ulceration and all sorts of yuckiness that you can easily avoid by taking your time and using lots of lube. If you have any questions, please leave your messages in the box below, and I’ll do my best to get it answered for you as soon as I can.