How Do I Use A Butt Plug?

A quick video guide on how to use a butt plug safely.

Full Transcript Here:

Hi there, guys. It’s Dr. George. One of the more common questions I get asked is, “How do I use a butt plug?” “How do I safely use a butt plug?” Now, I suppose, the most important thing is that when it comes to safe use of butt plugs, the key is your choice of butt plugs. One thing that I would recommend is when you choose a quality butt plug, this is a plug that’s designed by the guys at Square Peg. Now what I like about it is it’s very, very soft and pliable. It’s made of surgical grade silicone. What this means is that it’s not going to cause any sort of allergic reaction to the skin.

People who are allergic to latex can usually use silicon without any issues. If you do have a latex allergy, it’s best to do maybe what’s called a patch test. When you can get the toy and then just tap it against the skin of the wrist, and then put it away. If you get any redness or anything like that, that’s a sign that you’re probably aren’t going to be able to insert that into the ass, so be very, very, very careful, and do the tap test on somewhere unlike an ass, where you may not be able to notice it. If you do it on the wrist, you’ll be able to see if you actually get a reaction there.

Now the key when you’re buying a butt plug is to make sure it’s lovely and smooth. There should be no sharp edges along here, because sharp edges can scratch the lining of your ass, and that’s never a good thing. When you’re using a butt plug, the trick is to take your time. There are two sphincters in the ass. There’s the external sphincter, which is the one that you can control. When you really, really, really need to do a poo and you’re trying to get to the toilet, it’s that external sphincter that you’re squeezing closed to make sure that you don’t have an accident, but internally, there is another sphincter and it will generally be closed, but it will open with a very, very gentle stretch, but if it forcefully gets tried to be open, it will clamp down. The trick is very, a gentle stretch of that, and the way to do that is by using a tapered toy, and slowly inserting it. Then you can just gently rock the toy and that will gently allow the internal sphincter to consider start opening up and relaxing.

That’s the key, is you’ve really got to be relaxed. The key is use lots and lots of lube. If you’re planning on fucking, then it’s best to use a water-based lube with that. If you’re just beginning in butt plugs, I really recommend that you play by yourself initially. You need to start learning the sensations that you like, that you don’t like, and feel what it’s like to have these objects inserted into your body. Take your time. There’s no point in rushing, so make sure that you’re at a point where you’re going to have plenty of time to yourself. You’re not going to be interrupted.

Some people, just in case there can be poo, lay a towel down on the area that you’re going to play. Whether that be on the bed, or on the floor, and just lay a towel down. That way, if there are any accidents, it’s easy to clean up. Using lot of lube just gently, slowly start rubbing the toy against the ass. Get the feeling of what it’s like for the toy to be gently rubbed against the ass, and then you can slowly just put a little bit of pressure against the bum, and see if it starts to open up.

If it’s relaxed and it starts to open up, you can insert a little bit more, but take your time. If it’s feeling painful, or it’s feeling uncomfortable, just take it back a notch. Add some more lube. Relax. Enjoy the sensation. It’s not a race, and if you’re feeling pain, then just either stop for the night, take a break, and just relax. Seriously, guys, it’s about enjoyment. It’s not about some super achievement of being able to fit a, I don’t know, whole shoe box up your butt. I don’t know. Take your time. That’s the key points. Lots of lube. Lots of relaxation and enjoy the sensations as you explore. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get an answer to you as quickly as I can. Have a great day. Have a safe day, and look after yourself. Enjoy your anal play, but look after your bum. See you, guys.