What Are Butt Plugs For?

In this video I cover one of the more common questions I get asked in my sexual health presentations “What Are Butt Plugs For?”

Full Transcript:

One question that I do get asked is what are butt plugs for? Butt plugs are generally used for sexual stimulation and exploration of the ass. The thing about the ass is that there’s a lot of nerve endings around that area that can lead to a new different sensation to traditional sex, whether you be a guy and you’re exploring your ass, or whether you’re a girl and exploring your ass. The sensations are different to, say, the penis or the vagina. Butt plugs can be used for that, they can also occasionally be used as an addition for play. For example, if a person is into human pup play, the addition of a tail that’s in the shape of a butt plug, can be useful. The butt plug can be inserted into the ass, and then they have this waggy tail. That’s another used for butt plugs as well, but the vast majority of people, the reason that they’re playing with butt plugs is that they are exploring the sensations and feelings of what it’s like to have the ass gently stretched.

Also, in guys the prostate is approximately this far into the ass, so when a butt plug is inserted into the ass, gently movement of the butt plug can actually lead to stimulation of the prostate, and that again is a different sensation, but for many guys it’s an enjoyable sensation and people like to explore that. Tricks with butt plugs are take your time, use lots of lubes, and if at any point there’s discomfort, to stop using it immediately. I have a number of videos on this page that will be talking about the use of butt plugs, safety of butt plugs and how to get started using butt plugs, so please by all means check out the other videos. If you have any questions, please feel free, ask away in the box below and I’ll do my best to get an answer to you as soon as I can.