What Are Butt Plugs?

Dr George answers the question: “What Are Butt Plugs?”

Transcript here:

One question that I do get asked a lot is what are butt plugs? Well, butt plugs are a toy that is used to explore the anal area, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you can get from the smaller butt plugs all the way up to bigger butt plugs. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you can get them shaped like a puppy tail, in this example, and you can also get shapes are designed for stretch of the ass. This is designed to be inserted into the butt, and then it gently opens up and gives a bit of a stretching sensation to the ass.

They are designed in a way that they will slowly open up the butt, and then there’s this flange area here that the anal sphincter can actually close around. You can insert it into the butt, and then the ass will close around this thinner section here. That’s why they’re basically a plug, because they can be plugged inside the ass. Of course, I don’t recommend leaving these in for a long period of time. Leaving them in for longer than, say, twenty minutes can lead to ulceration of the lining of the ass, so it’s very, very important at any point if there’s discomfort, you take the toy out. One simple way to remember is don’t pull the tail out, squeeze the tail out. If you’re worried that there be poo involved, what I recommend is jumping over to the toilet, holding the base of the toy, and then bearing down like your trying to really hard to do a poo, and it should just pop out.

Anyway, there you go. You wanted to know what a butt plug is, now hopefully you have a better idea. I hope that was helpful, if you have any questions, please leave some messages in the box below and I’ll do my best to get an answer for you. Have a great day.