What Is A Butt Plug?

Quick video answer to “What Is A Butt Plug?”.

For more information on safe use of anal toys and butt plugs and more be sure to check out my FAQ about anal plugs here.

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Hey guys, it’s Dr. George. One of the questions asked … Believe it or not, as a GP, I get asked all sorts of questions, and being in men’s health and gay men’s health, one of the questions I’m asked is, what is a butt plug?

I thought I’d give a very quick synopsis of what a butt plug is. Butt plugs are a toy that is used for anal penetration. A lot of people enjoy the sensation of the ass either being gently penetrated, gently stretched. Butt plugs are designed that this can be done in variety of different ways.

Butt plugs can be in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Say for example there is this smaller one which comes in groups, you can actually get. You can actually get them in lots of different shapes and sizes, lots of different ways, but this is a group of butt plugs that’s used for anal training, so you can slowly start getting used to the idea of an insertion of a butt plug.

This is a smaller butt plug, it’s made of silicon actually, it’s lovely and softer, there’s no chance of it damaging the lining of the ass which is important. A more traditional butt plug would be one like this which is the standard shape, so you’re going from a smaller width to a wider width. This is used for dilatation of the ass, and normally they will have a smaller tapered area just here, and the anal sphincter can close around that which will hold the butt plug in place.

Butt plugs also come in shapes, so you can actually get one like this which is like an animal tail shape if you get what I mean, but again, the same traditional butt plug shape. For people who are interested in the idea or sensation of the stretch of a butt plug, you can actually get plugs that are like this. This is a bit of a interesting design, and what happens is that it’s inserted into the ass like this. Once it’s inside, it can gently open up, and that can give a sensation of stretch within the ass.

This isn’t a beginner’s toy, but it’s certainly not an advanced toy either, but it does help people get used to the sensation of the ass feeling fuller when they have a toy in there.

To answer your question what is a butt plug, there’s lots of different types of butt plugs that are available, but the main point is, that they are a toy that is used to help train the anal sphincter to gently open. They can be either just played with and then put away, or they can actually be inserted into the ass where they can sit there for a little while.

I don’t recommend leaving a butt plug in for longer than say 20 minutes because it can lead to ulceration of the lining of the ass. If you have any questions about butt plugs, I would be more than happy to answer them, just leave a message in the comments below, and I will do my best to get an answer to you. Have a great day.