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gay marriage

What Part Of Gay Marriage Don’t People Get?

Hey there Guys. Today in the news was a report that New Zealand parliament listed to the idea that gay marriage should be called “sarriage” to differentiate it from heterosexual marriage. From Local campaigner Russell Morrison put his proposal to the government administration committee yesterday during a public hearing on marriage equality legislation. “There […]

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man flu

New Evidence Man Flu Does Exist

Hey there Guys. Today I read an interesting article on “Man Flu”. Sick men across the world will be thrilled to learn that there could be reasons behind the difference between men and women when suffering with colds an flu. As reported: Men suffer more with coughs and colds because they have extra temperature receptors […]

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skin cancer apps

Smartphone Skin Cancer Apps Labelled Dangerous

Hey there Guys. This morning I was alerted of new research that highlights the danger of using skin cancer apps to help check moles and diagnose potential skin cancers, in particular melanomas. In the study four skin cancer apps were tested with 128 pictures of moles, 60 of which were melanomas. Three of the apps […]

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medical marijuana

Does Medical Marijuana Have A Role In Medicine?

Hey there Guys. I just came across this post on CNN about a child suffering with extreme seizures that were able to be treated with medical marijuana. Child Treated With Medical Marijuana In Australia possession of cannabis is not legal whether for medical use or not. While some states have decriminalised possession, it is still a vast difference […]

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Insomnia Drug Stilnox™ AKA Ambien™ Dose Halved In USA

The insomnia drug Stinox™ (known as Ambien™ in the USA) has had its suggested dose halved after  news that blood levels the morning after use were enough to impair alertness. Australian Medical Observer reports: The dose for women should be lowered from 10mg to 5mg for immediate release products and from 12.5mg to 6.25mg for extended-release products because […]

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grape fruit and medicine interactions

Grapefruit Can Interact With Many Medications

Hey there Guys. Just had a memo land on my desk about important interactions that can occur between grapefruit and many medications. Grapefruit is quite a popular fruit with many  health advocates suggesting adding it to the diet. While I am certainly a fan of it’s tart flavour it’s important to remember it can interact […]

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chemical castration as gay cure

Australian Doctor Banned For Prescribing “Gay Cure”

Today it’s been reported that an Australian family doctor has been banned from practicing after prescribing a drug to “cure” a young man, referred to in findings as “patient A”, of his homosexuality. Dr Mark Christopher James Craddock was recently severely reprimanded by the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission for prescribing the drug Cyprostat, a testosterone blocking […]

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AFL Tackles Homophobia

AFL Joins No Homophobia Campaign

In addition to today’s launch of No To Homophobia campaign it’s heartening to see that the AFL has come out in support to remove homophobia from their code. As seen on Twitter: AFL declares war on homophobia | AFL | Fox Sports… — AFL Diversity (@AFLdiversity) August 28, 2012 Let’s put this in context […]

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