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Vale Robin Williams: An important perspective on depression.

After the sad death of Robin Williams I found an interesting post by blogger Tom Hawking that highlights that depression is not particular sadness, but rather a profound sense of nothing. Depression isn’t about feeling sad, it’s about feeling nothing. And how do you fight nothing? As Hyperbole and a Half writer Allie Brosh wrote: The most frustrating […]

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Torrance Memorial Physician Network Doctor Diagnoses Man With Homosexual Behaviour

In a bizarre news story this weekend 45 year old California resident was diagnosed with “homosexual behaviour” by a doctor employed by the Torrance Memorial Physician Network. As reported by NBC News: Earlier this year, Matthew Moore started seeing a new doctor who suggested he undergo a complete physical. The tests revealed he was B-12 deficient, […]

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gay persecution

Gay Persecution Continues In Baton Rouge

In a disturbing news report today gay persecution is continuing in Baton Rouge Louisiana. With police creating sting operations to arrest gay men for “crimes against nature”, gay men who agree to consensual sex with undercover police officers are being arrested despite the law being struck down by the Supreme Court in 2003. There is […]

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synthetic marijuana

Is Synthetic Marijuana Safe?

Today I read a report of a man who feared for his life after an overdose of synthetic marijuana. Synthetic marijuana, sold as “Kronic” in Australia and “Spice” in the USA has already been associated with a number of deaths world wide. Exploiting a legal loophole, people are manufacturing molecules similar to THC, the active […]

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facebook bully

Is Facebook Driving Us Crazy?

Hey there Guys. Today I am proud to share an article by a good mate Grant. I’m sure we all have our “moments” when using Facebook, but if participating is causing you stress Grant’s advice may just help you to take a step back and close down your computer for the night. I’ll leave you […]

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Are Gay Pick Up Apps Like Grindr Healthy?

Hey there Guys. Today I came across an interesting article in The Huffington Post talking about the unrealistic expectations placed on gay men via “social networking” aka “pickup” apps like Grindr, Scruff, Growlr and the many others that are popping up. It’s an almost weekly occurrence that I hear of friends being treated poorly and […]

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