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Super Gonorrhoea?

Today I noted that reporting on a “super gonorrhoea”, a resistant from of Gonorrhoea difficult to treat with traditional medications we would normally use. THERE is “huge concern” among British doctors that “super-gonorrhoea” is spreading across the country. The highly drug-resistant strain of the sexually transmitted superbug is at risk of becoming untreatable if […]

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herpes treatment

How Do You Get Herpes

Hey there Guys. This week I have had a number of patients who have had questions about herpes, it’s symptoms and in particular the question “how do you get herpes?”. Today I wanted to cover the main ways that herpes can be spread as well as strategies if you are in a partnership where one […]

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do you use a condom for oral sex

Do You Use A Condom For Oral Sex

Hey there Guys. Do you use a condom for oral sex? Sorry to be so straight forward but hey, it’s always best to get the questions out and open yes? The reason I ask is that I received an email from a good friend who had visited his GP. He was organising his regular sexual health […]

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Condoms and Lube

Travelling? Remember To Pack Some Condoms And Lube

Hey there Guys. Just saw a post over at the Gay News Network talking about differences between Australia and Europe when it comes to providing condoms and lube in sex venues. Currently in Australia sex on premise venues AKA “sauna’s” and “cruise clubs” participate and help promote safe sex by providing free condoms and water based […]

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The Question Of Bareback Porn

Hey there Guys, When it comes to the world of porn, in particular bareback porn it’s been a very interesting few weeks. Just this week GMFA have release the findings of their porn study with the following results: 87% of gay men report watching porn at least once a week (1 in 4 watching porn […]

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