Healthy Sexual Citizens

3 Tips For Healthy Sexual Citizens

3 Tips For Healthy Sexual Citizens Today I wanted to share some thoughts with many exciting events coming up. I am excited to be travelling to the USA for events and it got me thinking… What makes for a healthy sexual citizen? For me there were three important concepts that I wanted to share: 1) […]

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Hepatitis A Outbreak In Victoria Australia

The Victorian Health Department has issued a notification of a Hepatitis A outbreak in the gay community of Melbourne Victoria. An outbreak of hepatitis A has been identified in Victoria. As of 12 January, 27 confirmed cases have been identified, and a further 12 cases of hepatitis A infection are being investigated. Of the 27 […]

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Meningococcal C Outbreak In Victoria Australia

Meningococcal C Outbreak In Melbourne & Victoria 8 cases of Meningococcal C Infections In Victoria. The majority in gay and bisexual men. Meningococcal disease can cause serious illness and death in 10% of cases Meningococcal disease can be prevented with vaccination Vic Health will offer all men who have sex with men free vaccination with […]

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How To Get PrEP In Melbourne

Hi. I’m Dr George Forgan-Smith and I’m a PrEP doctor based in Melbourne CBD. Today I wanted to briefly talk about how to get PrEP in Melbourne. PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis is a single daily tablet when taken every day it reduces the risk of HIV infection by about 99%. Now, it’s an important thing […]

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medical butt plugs

Medical Butt Plugs?

Today I came across a facinating article in the Pink News on the a range of medical butt plugs that were sold as “miracle cures” of constipation right through to insanity. As noted in the article: Writing in a 1893 medical journal, the eponymous Dr Young touted the devices as a cure for insanity, insisting […]

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Great Video On PrEP For HIV Prevention

I have recently discovered this well balanced and honest report on PrEP for HIV prevention, also known as Truvada. Produced by The Feed @ SBS Australia, I’m pleased to see PrEP information given in a clear, non judgemental non hyped way. For those in Australia there are currently a number of PrEP studies that are […]

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HIV Health & Black Lives Matter

Today I wanted to share an article highlighting the worrying statistic of escalating HIV rates within gay men of colour in the USA: Will the ManDate Model Tackle HIV Rates in Black Gay Men? Thirty-five years into the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the state of black, gay men’s health is central to the discussion about how to eradicate […]

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Travelling with CPAP machine

Travelling With Your CPAP Machine

Hey there Guys, Just a quick post with some tips and tricks for travelling with your CPAP machine. Tips I highly recommend are: – always carry your CPAP machine as carry on luggage. – expect your machine to be inspected at security stops – check with your airline whether it’s considered additional baggage or not. […]

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Super Gonorrhoea?

Today I noted that reporting on a “super gonorrhoea”, a resistant from of Gonorrhoea difficult to treat with traditional medications we would normally use. THERE is “huge concern” among British doctors that “super-gonorrhoea” is spreading across the country. The highly drug-resistant strain of the sexually transmitted superbug is at risk of becoming untreatable if […]

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