how to avoid allergic reaction to food

How To Prevent An Allergic Reaction To Food In Restaurants

Hey there Guys. If you suffer with any form of allergy one of the trickiest situations can be an allergic reaction to food in a restaurant.

Sometimes language barriers can exist between yourself and staff members and explaining important medical information can be difficult. Just today I was at yum cha and the manager of the restaurant had the most simple trick to help people avoid dangerous allergic reactions.

Simple Trick To Avoid An Allergic Reaction To Food

As I mentioned in the video, he simply wrote in Chinese on the table cloth that I had a particular allergic reaction to food. In my case crustaceans.

This would have to be the most simple trick in the book! I was able to enjoy the rest of my delicious meal and I didn’t have to stress out every time a dish came past that was in the “I’m not sure what it is but it looks nice category!”

A variation on a similar theme if you like a particular cuisine is to have your allergy details written onto a small card you can carry in your wallet. You could have it written in Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and there would still be enough room for 3 more languages!

While this may not be a 100% fail safe solution to avoiding an allergic reaction to food it sure is a step forward to feeling more comfortable if there are language barriers when you are ordering meals.

PS, this tip also works great when you are travelling overseas! Get the concierge at your hotel to put any important details onto a business card for your hotel. This way you have an instant translation and the address for your hotel if you get lost.

What tips and tricks do you have for food allergies?

Yours in great heath, and fantastic food adventures.

Dr George

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