Attention Asthma Sufferers: Faulty asthma inhalers recalled

Important news for people living with asthma. It has been noted that batches of asthma relievers: Ventolin and Asmol are faulty and may be delivering lower doses then needed.

A fault discovered in a number of asthma inhalers has prompted a nationwide recall and warnings from health authorities.

Up to 10 batches of Asmol and Ventolin inhalers manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline are believed to contain a fault that may deliver the wrong dose.

The Ventolin batches affected are KN7170, KN7173, KN7178 and KN7179, and the Asmol batches affected are KL6790, KL6795, KL6796, KL6797, KL6798 and KL6799.

Health experts have warned that in some cases only around one-third of the normal dose may be delivered.

If you have recently bought a new asthma reliever and you find it is not effective it is worth returning your device to the chemist to exchange for a new one.

Remember asthma can be a life threatening condition, be sure you are not using a faulty inhaler.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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