Australian Actor Magda Szubanski Comes Out

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Today an iconic Australian actor has come out. It was wonderful to hear the news of Magda Szubanski’s public sharing of her sexuality, one of Aussie show biz’s worst kept secret.

Today as the news spreads I  have been struck with absolute pride at the strength and courage she has demonstrated in coming out. For many struggling gay women and men, she has become a wonderful role model. To many young gay women and men across the nation she can stand proud as a true hero.

Magda’s frank honesty on a national TV show has literally brought me to tears. Can you imagine a coming out story like this on the TV in the USA?

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Today in The Age Newspaper it has been reported:

Magda Szubanski has admitted to having suicidal thoughts while struggling with her homosexuality

The day after the comic actor announced publicly she was gay, Szubanski called for greater respect to be shown to homosexuals, although she said Australia was overwhelmingly a tolerant society on the issue.

“I think all you can do is respect what people are and [show] the most compassion and empathy that you can bring to the situation, trying to foster in people who they really are and help them be their best self.”

Szubanski said she was relieved at coming out publicly, although she had previously done so “thousands of times” to family, friends and colleagues.

She said she had struggled with her feelings when she first realised she was gay and, while she wouldn’t elaborate, admitted she had felt suicidal.

“Oh yes, yeah, absolutely … people will say ‘Why did I take a while to do this [come out]?’ I needed to be as solid as I could be so I could do this in the strongest possible way and be really clear about myself,” she said.

“I didn’t want to come out and botch coming out, as it were. I wanted to be effective and useful for other people, and to get on really solid ground yourself can really take a while. It can really take a while – it can be a journey – so that’s why I think it’s really important to respect people’s journey, whatever that is.”

Magda, I want to thank you for coming out. You have and will continue to make a massive difference for gay men and women. Your frank and honest sharing of your sexuality is not only uplifting but healing for so many people out there who may be struggling with these aspects in their life.

I salute you and love you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours in good health and absolute beaming pride.

Dr George

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