What Is The Best Lubricant For Butt Plugs?

When it comes to choosing the best lubricant for butt plugs there are a number of choices depending on what the toy is made of.

One simple rule of thumb is if in doubt always go for a water based lubricant. Water based lubes do not react with any of the materials used in anal toys. The only issue with water based lubricants is when a toy is going to be left inside the body for an extended period of time.

lube for anal play and toys

If a toy is inside the body for longer than approximately 20 minutes some of the water from the lube can be absorbed making it a little more difficult to remove the toy later. As mentioned in my post on how to insert a butt plug, if you are planning on wearing a butt plug for a longer period of time it may be better to go with a non water based lube.

Other lubes are either oil or silicone based.

Silicone lube can not be used with silicone toys. Oil based lubes can’t be used with latex or rubber toys. All lubes can be used with metal, vinyl and plastic toys.

It’s important to remember that if you are planning to have anal sex afterwards oil based lubes can destroy condoms. If you are planing to have sex with condoms after using toys it’s best to use either water or silicone based lubricant.

I hope this simple guide may make choosing a lubricant for butt plugs a little bit simpler.