can you get gonorrhoea from kissing

Can You Get Gonorrhoea From Kissing?


Today I was sent the interesting question of whether you can get gonorrhoea from kissing…

I made a quick video but to get to the point: yes!

Can You Get Gonorrhoea From Kissing?

Gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection that is normally sexually transmitted.

It can be hosted in the penis, vagina, rectum, throat and even in the eye.

When gonorrhoea is in the throat it can be transmitted via saliva. This means that kissing is one way that it can be passed from throat to throat. Oral sex can also pass gonorrhoea from penis to throat or throat to penis or the vagina.

Using spit for lube is also a way that gonorrhoea can be passed from throat to the ass.

For this reason it’s important to ensure you get a throat swab as part of your full sexual health screening.

Remember a full screening includes checking for chlamydia and gonorrhoea by:

  • throat swab
  • bum swab
  • Urine (and sometimes vaginal swab)

There should also be bloods to check for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis

All sexually active people should get a screening every year, every 6 months if you’ve had more than 10 partners in less than 6 months or every 3 months if you are enjoying lots of sex of if you are taking PrEP for HIV prevention.

Yours in good health

Dr George


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