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Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

A recent study in London has found that E-Cigarettes, an electronic gadget that essentially delivers nicotine using the same motions as cigarettes, has been noted to help some people quit smoking. On one side of the room are those marketing the device stating that they are safer then regular cigarettes as they don’t have the […]

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antibiotic resistance

Help Prevent Antibiotic Resistance

Hey there Guys. Today I wanted to highlight an important issue that is facing medicine today: antibiotic resistance. Currently my home town Melbourne is in the middle of flu epidemic. Each day I am seeing many people all in different stages of this viral illness. One of the most frequent requests is “Can you give […]

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influenza virus

Severe Influenza Virus Hits Australia

Hey there Guys, well it has certainly been an amazing few weeks post this years wonderful Southern Hibearnation in Australia. Unfortunately one of the unexpected extras appears to be a fairly aggressive influenza virus that many people have been hit by. Today I wanted to offer some suggestions and tips on how to best deal […]

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How to do CPR

Do You Know How To Do CPR?

Today I wanted to share this great video of a Sydney bus driver who saved a woman’s life because he knew how to do CPR. Watch in the video how he is totally calm. He walks up, assess what is wrong and starts CPR immediately. These simple, calm actions saved this woman’s life. Do you […]

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