Glee star Cory Monteith dies, what to do if you find someone unconscious

What To Do If You Find Someone Unconscious

Hey there Guys. With the untimely death of Glee star Cory Monteith I felt it was important to share some important information on what to do if you find someone unconscious or overdosed.

An unconscious person is a great risk of rapid death. By following these simple steps you can help save a life.

What To Do If You Find Someone Unconscious

The key to helping someone who is unconscious is the following acronym: DRS-ABC

D: Danger

Check for danger around the person as well as clues as to what may have happened. Is there a needle, broken glass or other potential hazards that may harm you? If you are able to move them away and ensure your safety then proceed. If not call emergency services and wait for their arrival.

R: Response

Is the person responsive? Rub on their chest or squeeze their shoulder. Ask in a loud voice “Are you ok? Do you need help?” If they do not respond or their response is slurred or anything other then normal proceed to the next action, calling for help.

S: Send For Help

Call a bystander and ask them to call an ambulance. If you are on a road get other bystanders to direct traffic away from the action. If you are by yourself and you have a phone call an ambulance and explain that you are by yourself and need help.

If you happen to be in a hospital, call for a nurse , push the buzzer three times or push the red emergency button that is normally around the head of the bed.

A & B: Check The Airway and Breathing

Lean over the person and listen to their breathing.

If you can not hear breathing then look at their chest wall, is it moving up and down as you would expect with normal breathing?

If the person is breathing, roll them onto their side into the recovery position, also known as the coma position and wait for help to arrive.


The Recovery Position

If the breathing is harsh or sounds laboured, try gently cradling the jaw up and outward to see if this helps open the airway.

open then airway

Help Open The Airway To Improve Breathing

If the person is not breathing proceed immediately to starting CPR.

C: Start CPR

It is no longer necessary to check if the person has a pulse. If someone is unconscious and not breathing start CPR immediately.

Whether you choose to do full CPR or simply bystander CPR continue until help arrives.

Performing CPR can be very tiring, do not feel afraid to ask other bystanders to take over if you are getting exhausted.

Guys I hope that this simple guide on what to do if you find someone unconscious is helpful. These simple measures can help save a life.

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Yours in good health.

Dr George


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