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counterfeit condoms

Rise in Counterfeit Condoms in the UK

News from the UK of an increase in counterfeit condoms being imported from the east. The government’s health regulator has warned there are a rising number of counterfeit condoms being smuggled into to the UK. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA) claims millions have been illegally imported in the last 18 months. Family […]

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Alere rapid hiv testing kit

Further News On Victorian Rapid HIV Testing

Further to the announcement of Victoria being the first Australian state to offer rapid HIV testing, AFAO (The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations) has announced that community-based rapid HIV testing is planned to be available from July 2013. The trial, which is expected to by up and running by July 2013, is the result a […]

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HIV treatment

Scientists hail ‘potential cure for AIDS’

Some interesting news today in HIV treatment research.A colleague from my old alma mater has reported new research that may help HIV treatments in the future. Scientists from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research say they have made a breakthrough that could lead to a potential cure for AIDS. Associate Professor David Harrich says they have discovered how […]

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finger prick for rapid HIV test

Victoria first to offer rapid HIV testing

Great new in Australia with Victoria being the first state to offer rapid HIV testing. By far the biggest advantage is results being in just 20 minutes.  As reported in The Age: VICTORIA will become the first state to offer rapid HIV testing – where results are known almost immediately – under a Baillieu government […]

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pep medication

Sydney Man Refused PEP

Hey there Guys, Today I wanted to share a story from the Star Observer of a Sydney man that was refused PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) after a potential expose to HIV. A gay Sydney man was denied access to preventative medication by a major hospital despite being at-risk of contracting HIV. 30-year old Sydney resident Stephen*, whose […]

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rapid hiv test

Rapid HIV testing approved in Australia

Fantastic news today in Australia with the Federal Health Minister announcing that rapid  HIV testing will become available in Australia. A REVOLUTIONARY on-the-spot HIV screening will produce a result about a person’s status within half an hour. A new rapid HIV testing kit will increase the number of people being tested for the disease and […]

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Doctors Harness HIV To Fight Cancer

Hey there guys. Today I read this interesting news on how HIV has been modified to fight a form of blood cancer. HIV has lead to many significant developments in medical treatments however its ability to mutate and penetrate immune system cells has always been an obstacle. Harnessing this power makes for an interesting new […]

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A Story For World AIDS Day 2012

Hey there Guys. This year for World AIDS Day I wanted to create something a little different. For the past few years I have shared videos that talk about the many issues that people living with HIV are currently facing. Today I wanted to take a slightly different tact. Don’t get me wrong, HIV is […]

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