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Great Video Explaining “What Is PrEP?”

Hey there guys. Currently there is a lot of information and misinformation going around about the HIV prevention treatment PrEP or Pre Exposure Prophylaxis. I’ve just found this video that helps explain PrEP in easy to digest chunks. What Is Prep? Key points to remember when it comes to PrEP: PrEP is not a treatment […]

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Toxoplasmosis, HIV Infection and Cat Ownership

Hey there Guys. Today in the news there has been a spike in stories about toxoplasmosis, a parasite that can be frequently found in cat faeces. Within the community many people have been exposed to toxoplasmosis. With normal immune system function toxoplasmosis has little symptoms and causes no issue. If infected, toxoplasmosis can reactivate during […]

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Travel To UAE

Qantas Responds To Concerns For HIV Positive Staff & Tourists Travelling To UAE

Today I received a copy of the following correspondence between Australian Senator Nick Xenophon and Qantas’ Olivia Wirth addressing concerns about problems for HIV positive staff and travellers with the new Qantas Emirates agreement that routes almost all European routes via UAE. By “problems” I of course mean the potential arrest and deportation of HIV positive citizens within UAE. […]

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