risk of HIV with steroid injecting

Steroid Injecting Bodybuilders At High Risk Of HIV Infection

News today from the Medical Observer Australia has reported an alarming increase of HIV infection with 1 in 10 steroid users having evidence of infection with either HIV, Hepatitis B & C.

Additional evidence shows that steroid users has other risk taking behaviours with only 1 in 5 reporting having used condoms in the previous year.

In Australia, education for recreational drug users on safe use of needles has lead to a dramatic decrease in HIV and Hepatitis infections.

Many anabolic steroid and injectable tanning product users do not identify as “recreational users” so may miss the important messages about using clean needles.

If you are a steroid user it’s vital to remember the importance of using clean needles for every injection and to never share equipment.

The full story can be read here The Medical Observer Australia.


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