Great Video Explaining “What Is PrEP?”

Hey there guys. Currently there is a lot of information and misinformation going around about the HIV prevention treatment PrEP or Pre Exposure Prophylaxis.

I’ve just found this video that helps explain PrEP in easy to digest chunks.

What Is Prep?

Key points to remember when it comes to PrEP:

  • PrEP is not a treatment for HIV. You must be HIV negative when starting PrEP. For this reason it’s vital you talk with your doctor about whether this is an option for you. If you are living with HIV you will need to be on a combination of medications to treat HIV.
  • When taking PrEP you need to take it every day for maximum protection
  • You need to be taking PrEP for at least a week for maximum protection
  • You can’t use PrEP as a “party drug” or “morning after pill”.
  • PrEP can’t protect you against other sexual infections or pregnancy. It’s advisable to practice safe sex while on PrEP for it’s protection against other STI’s.
  • When on PrEP you need to have full sexual health screening every three months.

PrEP is an exciting new addition to the options for helping prevent HIV infection. If you feel this is something that might be of value to you talk with your doctor who can refer you to a HIV specialist or sexual health physician to talk about your options.

Dr George Forgan-Smith


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