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Travelling with CPAP machine

Travelling With Your CPAP Machine

Hey there Guys, Just a quick post with some tips and tricks for travelling with your CPAP machine. Tips I highly recommend are: – always carry your CPAP machine as carry on luggage. – expect your machine to be inspected at security stops – check with your airline whether it’s considered additional baggage or not. […]

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e-cigs found to have ten times the cancer causing substances of tobacco

E-Cigarettes More Harmful Than Thought

New research from Japan shows that E-cigarettes have more that 10 x the cancer causing substances found in tobacco. As reported in Medical Observer: E-CIGARETTES contain up to 10 times the amount of cancer-causing agents as regular tobacco, Japanese scientists say, the latest blow to an invention once heralded as less harmful than smoking. A […]

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do you recognise these signs of drowning?

Can You Recognise The Signs Of Drowning?

Today I was alerted to an important article on how many people are not able to recognise the signs of drowning. While movies portray people thrashing, screaming and calling for help, Dr Francesco A. Pia reports that in real life the signs of drowning are very different. Dr Pia reports on what he calls “The Instinctive […]

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home renovation asbestos risks

Highlighting Home Renovation Asbestos Risks

Today I wanted to share a recent medical report highlighting the risk of home renovation asbestos exposure. Many of my friends are keen renovators however the article in Australian Medical Observer reports disturbingly low use of protective equipment to prevent exposure to asbestos. Asbestos exposure carries high risks of cancers like mesothelioma If you are […]

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facial lipoatrophy

What Is Lipoatrophy?

Today I wanted to highlight an important side effect of a small handful of medications used to treat HIV infection: lipoatrophy, sometimes also called lipodystrophy. Lipoatrophy is a problem where normal fat layers in the face, legs and butt shrink or disappear, leading to changes to the body that can be very distressing. The loss of […]

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two dads on a train

Two Dads On A Train

Hey there Guys. Just got alerted to this from a friend on Facebook and thought it was too good not to share. Published at SoLetsTalkAbout blog is this awesome conversation overheard on a subway. Two construction workers, two dads on a train, talking about their sons: Guy #2:  No more kids for you two? Guy […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video A Quick Tip For Last Minute Gift Buying - The Healthy Bear

A Quick Tip For Last Minute Gift Buying

Hey there Guys, I know that Christmas can be dam crazy and today I wanted to share one simple tip that has saved my ass on more one occasion. As mentioned in the video I’ve found the following gifts to be fantastic “emergency” gifts if someone has slipped your mind. Amazon Gift Vouchers Rock: You can pick […]

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