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prostate cancer screening

New Guidelines For Prostate Cancer Screening

Clarity has been reached by doctors attending the World Cancer Congress on screening for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer screening has been a controversial topic with different perspectives on use of PSA “prostate specific antigen” blood tests as well as digital rectal examination, also known as DRE. As reported by ABC News the newly formed guidelines recommended for […]

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anal cancer survivors

A Quick Guide To Anal Cancer

Hey there Guys. Today I have seen a patient who was having difficulty opening his bowels and issues with ongoing anal pain. On examination he had a large lump at the opening of his anus highly suspicious sign of anal cancer. Today I thought it was important to talk about the symptoms of anal cancer […]

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michael douglas reports hpv virus caused his throat cancer

HPV Virus & Oral Cancer

Hi there guys. Today news agencies have been buzzing with Michael Douglas attributing his 2010 diagnosis with throat cancer to infection with HPV, a virus associated with common warts and cervical cancer. While the biggest causes of throat cancer are smoking and consuming alcohol there is a percentage of head and neck cancers associated with […]

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be sure to have regular skin cancer checks

Can You Self Examine For Skin Cancer?

Hey there Guys. Today I came across an interesting post by the American Academy of Dermatology teaching people how they can examine their own skin for skin cancer, in particular melanoma. Having grown up in Australia I’m very aware of the importance of having regular skin exams. Sadly many of my friends having had skin […]

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the health benefits of steam

The Health Benefits Of Steam

Hey there Guys. Today I saw a news report that Delta Goodrem, cancer survivor and Australian vocalist, sustained a significant burn while using a steamer while warming up for her show. This news reminded me that while steam can be a very useful tool for clearing the chest, sinuses and nose it needs to be […]

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