New Guidelines For Prostate Cancer Screening

prostate cancer screeningClarity has been reached by doctors attending the World Cancer Congress on screening for prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer screening has been a controversial topic with different perspectives on use of PSA “prostate specific antigen” blood tests as well as digital rectal examination, also known as DRE.

As reported by ABC News the newly formed guidelines recommended for healthy men without symptoms:

  • PSA testing should be done every two years between ages 50 and 69 and only in men who want testing and are informed of risks and benefits
  • Digital rectal exams are not recommended for routine testing for men with no symptoms visiting their GP
  • Do not offer PSA testing to men unlikely to live another seven years
  • Evidence-based information for men deciding whether to have PSA test

Of course if you are suffering with symptoms of prostate problems it’s important to see your doctor for examination and review.

Dr George Forgan-Smith

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