How To Get PrEP In Melbourne

PrEP For HIV Prevention In Melbourne

Hi. I’m Dr George Forgan-Smith and I’m a PrEP doctor based in Melbourne CBD. Today I wanted to briefly talk about how to get PrEP in Melbourne.

PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis is a single daily tablet when taken every day it reduces the risk of HIV infection by about 99%. Now, it’s an important thing to note that you do need to have a doctor’s prescription to start PrEP.

Victoria currently has a study called the PrEPx Study where you will be able to get the drug Truvada or its generic equivalent to start PrEP, however it does have a bit of a waiting list. If you would like to go onto PrEP and not have to do the waiting list you can do that and you can import the drug into Australia.

The first steps is to book in and see one of the PrEP doctors in Melbourne.

If you would like to see me I am at:

Collins Street Medical, 267 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000. Ph: (03) 9654 6088 However, there are a number of doctors who are able to prescribe PrEP in Melbourne and I’ll put a map just below:

There’s a few steps that are involved and the first part is to learn more about PrEP and also to gain full consent. Because there are some ins and outs with the medication, it’s important that you take the time to have a chat with the doctor all about PrEP.

Next step is I’ll pop a link below to a website that will give you further information about PrEP and help you decide whether it’s something for you. Happy to help. Have a great day, Dr George Forgan-Smith.

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