grape fruit and medicine interactions

Grapefruit Can Interact With Many Medications

Hey there Guys. Just had a memo land on my desk about important interactions that can occur between grapefruit and many medications.

Grapefruit is quite a popular fruit with many  health advocates suggesting adding it to the diet.

While I am certainly a fan of it’s tart flavour it’s important to remember it can interact with many medications.

As noted in the medical magazine Australian Doctor:

A large number of drugs interact with grapefruit, putting people at risk of serious adverse events, researchers warn.
The fruit is now known to interact with more than 85 medications altogether, including statins, oxycodone and quetiapine, according to a review published Tuesday in CMAJ

If you are currently taking any medications for high cholesterol, pain, and some of the many mood medications it’s important to discuss with your doctor if you enjoy eating grapefruit. Many people never even imagine that fruit, often promoted as a health product, can have adverse interactions as well.

I am still a huge advocate for getting 2 pieces of fruit a day, let’ s just make sure it’s safe with your medications.

Yours in great health.

Dr George


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