Happy Christmas & Holidays From The Healthy Bear

Hey there Guys, I just wanted to take a bit of time out to wish you a happy Christmas and holiday season.

It’s really been an amazing year here at The Healthy Bear and I have to say I’ve 100% loved the journey. My passion for sharing health messages is as strong as ever and I look forward to sharing more posts in 2013.

During the break I’m looking forward to relaxing with my wonderful parter and pups and enjoying time with our families. That said I understand not everyone has a family to share their holidays with so I’ll be taking a bit of time out so catch up with friends as well.

Christmas alone can be very lonely. If you have a friend that may be alone, or perhaps you may be alone have you considered joining up for a bit of an orphan’s christmas? It’s great to be hanging with mates and usually a heap more fun then listening to great Aunt Mabell’s 50th rendition of how she got run over by a snow plow in 1923 😉 .

However you choose to celebrate I hope you find some time and space to relax and care for yourself.

Yours in great health.

Dr George

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