Two Interesting Health Promotions Ideas

Hey there Guys,

Today I wanted to share a couple of interesting new health sharing ideas that I’ve noticed over the weekend.

First is a fun game released by the Terrence Higgins Trust: Man Up. This interactive facebook game has been designed to engage gay men and offer a message that encourages regular sexual health check-ups. The game play is to hop from bed to bed, meeting all sorts of sexy blokes and to gain points for getting regular check-ups. Falling out of bed or being hit with an STI lead to sudden end of play.

Sadly I have to admit that I am not the best at these sorts of games and can’t get further then 30 seconds into the game. Apparently that’s not quite enough bed hopping to have earned a sexual health screen let alone meet some sexy fellow bed hopper. Perhaps the message is that you have to be moderately good at computer games to pick up?

Click here to check your bed hopping skills.

Great idea for the gaming set but I think there may need to be some other games available for other gay subgroups. Random ideas include an interactive tie the knot slave game for lovers of bondage or a snappy health related “name that ABBA tune” game for people like me 😉 .

Actually on the topic of music I would like to introduce Vegirhythm, Japan’s answer to making fruit and vegetables sexy…

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Not quite the dance hit of the century, I’m buggered if I know what the text of the song is. Are there any Japanese speakers out there who can enlighten us?

While use of music as an education vector is not a new concept I think it’s got great potential.  Can you think of any songs that should be created?

Have you seen any interesting education ideas recently? I’d love to hear of some new and fun applications that could benefit our community.

Yours in fun and health.

Dr George

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