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New HIV Treatment Stribild Gains FDA Approval

Good news in the world of HIV with the FDA approval of  a new HIV treatment Stribild.

This new medication combines the two drugs found in Truvada with two new medications that inhibit the replication of HIV as well as helping this new medication last longer in the body.

The combination of these four medicines into one tablet brings a second “single daily tablet” HIV treatment with the first being Atripla. For many people the convenience of a single table simplifies treatment allowing people to minimise pill burdon.

Studies show that after 48 weeks treatment around 9 out of 10 people were able to achieve undetectable viral load.

Like many of the HIV treatments, Stribild has some side effects including lipidystrophy, potental kidney problems and decrease in bone density.

How Much Is The HIV Treatment Stribild?

An interesting post from notes that the wholesale cost of the medicine is $28,500 per year, $7,500 more then Atripla.

Without insurance or governement subsidies this cost may prevent many from being able to access this treatment.

While Atripla is currently available within Australia, Stribild has not yet gained approval for use in Australia.

More news as it evolves. Yours in good health.

Dr George

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