Do You Know How Homophobia Feels?

Do you know how homophobia feels?

Just this weekend I was camping with friends. The scene was idilic. We were in a wonderfully cosy house on the edge of a river in Sydney’s national park.

As we sat drinking coffee on the verandah a group of young people, two girls, two guys went past in a small boat and took much delight in screaming at us “fucking faggots”, “Go away, you should fucking die”.

I was angry and invited the group to come up to share their opinion to my face. While I wish I could say they were the actual words, those who know me know they type of language I did actually use.

For many of my heterosexual friends with no knowledge of how homophobia feels they would say “shake it off”, or “it doesn’t matter they are just dick heads”. Despite these words, the actions of 4 people in a boat felt oppressive.

Yesterday I found the video below. This heart felt speech cuts to the case, to the core of the matter of how homophobia feels. I urge you to take just 10 minutes of your life to stop and listen.

Have you ever stopped at a pedestrian crossing and checked yourself?

I urge you to please share this impassioned speech by the amazing Panti Noble….

Dr George

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