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Does Medical Marijuana Have A Role In Medicine?

Hey there Guys. I just came across this post on CNN about a child suffering with extreme seizures that were able to be treated with medical marijuana.

Child Treated With Medical Marijuana

In Australia possession of cannabis is not legal whether for medical use or not. While some states have decriminalised possession, it is still a vast difference to the laws in the USA and Canada.

In Canada law allows medical marijuana for treatment of a strict set of conditions such as  pain from MS, spinal chord injuries, pain and wasting with HIV and cancer as well as epilepsy.

Laws in California and other states in the USA are more open with many conditions allowing access to patients since the passage of it’s medical marijuana bill.

What I found interesting in this news report that can be found on Medterra, was that the child’s epilepsy was treated with the non psychotropic elements of the marijuana. This way the child was not overly sedated or under the effects of the hallucinogenic strains of THC.

Much of the oppositions to medical marijuana laws have been concerns about “opening the flood gate to drug abuse by people out to wrought the system”. While I am sure there are many who have used the loop hole for easier access to cannabis, there are equally as many who have had significant relief from their symptoms.

The difference between the Canadian law and bills passed in the 19 USA states highlights a stronger medical model for people suffering in Canada with very specific guidelines for access to the scheme.

With the ability to remove the hallucinogenic part of THC there is a wonderful opportunity to enable the reduction of suffering without the concerns of misuse or abuse.

So today I wanted to ask the question. What are your thoughts on medical marijuana laws? Has access to this treatment been beneficial for the community or do you feel the program is “giving up on trying to police marijuana’s use” ?

Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Dr George

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