Movember Hits The Bear Community

Hey there Guys,

As I’m sure you are well aware, Movember has started full force in Australia and New Zealand.

For those who may not be aware, Movember is a month long charity event where men take the 30 days of November each year to shave their face smooth and grow the moustache of their dreams to help raise cash for a variety of men’s health charities.

In Australia the two primary Movember charities are the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Beyond Blue. In New Zealand Movember supports the Cancer Society and the Mental health foundation.

By supporting Movember you can help prostate cancer research, care for men living with prostate cancer as well as support  for male depression.

Currently many of my mates have taken to the challenge. With freshly shaved faces many are already deciding on potential configurations of their future face fur.  For one man starting with a clean canvas was quite a significant move. Please may I introduce Arthur.

I first met Arthur at this years VicBears Southern Hibearnation where he was competing for Mr Australiasian Bear. Representing Urge Bar in New Zealand Arthur had been awarded “Mr Urge Bar 2011”.  For a 21 year old I have to say he’s remarkably well spoken, smart and his ability to grow a beard is nothing short of spectacular. For Arthur just shaving his beard is worthy of support in his Movember campaign.
To quote Arthur:

“As a man who has always worn a beard with pride, this is the year I denude my face (after years of wanting to but failing to balls-up and beard-trim) in order to show my support of a somewhat under-represented and under supported crisis facing my kins-men from around New Zealand and the world. Raising money and awareness one facial follicle at a time!”

So what can we expect for Arthur’s beard? In his interview with Christopher Banks, Arthur quips:

“I read the rules, and it has to be a moustache, so I’m thinking, I’ll probably go for a thick stubble, trim it up…I might do the sideburns and sleazy Frenchman’s twist,” … “Potentially. If it grows enough.”

Guys, you can follow Arthur’s follicular follies by checking out his Movember page here.

Click on over and offer Arthur your support, cheers and a donation if you wish to contribute.

Have an awesome week!

Dr George

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Please feel free to share your own Movember pages below in the comments, I’m more then happy to support ya’ll!


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