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No To Homophobia Campaign Launches In Australia

Today is an awesome day in Australian history with the introduction of this fantastic campaign: “No To Homophobia”.

With the introduction of these thought provoking television ads I hope that over time people will start to understand the subtle and subversive way homophobia works.

Over time I hope that homophobia will become as abhorrent and socially unacceptable as racism or misogyny. It’s campaigns like this that will help make a difference.

I urge you to check out this fantastic website:

No To Homophobia

If you have been the victim of homophobic acts, slurs or statements you have the right to say no, this is not acceptable. There is a fantastic guide on how to lodge a complaint here at the No To Homophobia webpage.

If you feel threatened or have been assaulted contact the police immediately. If you don’t feel confident in contacting the police most states have a gay and lesbian police representative.

I’m stoked to see that Victorian Police have publicly stated their support!

It’s time to stand up and celebrate diversity, not homophobia.

Let your friends know that you will no stand for homophobia.
Click “like” on the  No To Homophobia FaceBook Page.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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