Ongoing Vilification Of Gay Men

This morning I was sent this video from one of the readers… The content, while it starts vaguely sensible and sane, quickly turns to the most homophobic bullshit I have seen in a long time.

The content is based around the concerns of a Christian lady who feels she was put a risk for not being told that a person she transports to medical appointments is living with HIV.

Just this letter is enough to bring back flooding memories of the 80’s where people would not sit in the same seat if a person with HIV had been.

I was actually heartened to see Pat Robertson partially explain how HIV is transmitted: “now they say it may be sexual contact”  so don’t have sex with the person you are transporting…

While essentially correct perhaps a better answer would have been, if you are planning to have sex with the man you are transporting, don’t exchange bodily fluids.

What totally ruined what was a somewhat poor yet reasonable response what his added content at the end that gay men in San Francisco “who’ve got the stuff” wear special rings that will cut fingers and allow these people to “get you”.

Really? For fuck sake…

People wonder why gay people can come off as angry when looking for simple equality… This video is a fine example of why this may be the case…

Dr George

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