Soften The Fuck Up, A New Anti Suicide Campaign in Australia

Hey there Guys,

I’m pretty excited to see that a new “anti meme” has been launched here in Australia addressing mental health issues in men.

If there is one saying I fucking hate here in Australia it’s “harden the fuck up”. It’s frequently used to tell men that being soft, sharing feelings and emotions are not valid. That feeling sad, unsafe or vulnerable is not welcome, sending many Aussie men into a silent hell, left to deal with mental health issues by themselves.

In Australia:

  • Suicide is the leading cause of death men and women aged 15 – 34, and for men, it remains the leading cause of death up until age 44.
  • There were 1,383 deaths from car accident and 2,191 deaths from suicide registered in 2008. Over 4 out of 5 (1,710) of those were males.
  • Young people tend to not seek professional help, despite the high prevalence of mental health issues and disorders, and young men are most reluctant to seek help.
  • Research has repeatedly link young men’s reluctance to seek help to the perception of masculinity, and the socialization and social construction of masculinity.

This new ad is a great way to start addressing suicide and mental health issues in young men.

The Soften The Fck Up web site is an awesome step forward to help increase understanding and caring behaviors between men. From the website:

“I know I’ve been struggling for a while. I’ve been able to hide it from everyone but myself but I have a feeling that I can’t hide it much longer. I’m not sure if my mates will understand if I try to talk to them about it.”

Everyone will go through a tough time at one stage in their life. It gets better when you talk about it. Soften The Fck Up.

Have you struggled with difficult feelings?
Sometimes thought that life was not living?
Have you cared for a friend who has contemplated suicide?

I urge you to check out this great new website:

If you are worried or concerned about your mental health or immediate safety seek help now:

Remember if you unsure about what to do or you feel that the risk of danger is high call an ambulance or police immediately. In Australia the number is 000 (triple zero), USA & Canada: 911, UK: 999, NZ: 111 or you can find your countries number here.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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