Insomnia Drug Stilnox™ AKA Ambien™ Dose Halved In USA

The insomnia drug Stinox™ (known as Ambien™ in the USA) has had its suggested dose halved after  news that blood levels the morning after use were enough to impair alertness.

Australian Medical Observer reports:

The dose for women should be lowered from 10mg to 5mg for immediate release products and from 12.5mg to 6.25mg for extended-release products because they eliminate zolpidem from their bodies more slowly than men, the FDA recommended.

However, it said the risk applied to men as well and the lowest dose to treat symptoms should be prescribed.

“FDA urges healthcare professionals to caution all patients, men and women, who use these zolpidem products about the risks of next morning impairment for activities that requite complete mental alertness.”

Users of the drug Stilnox™ should be aware that there is a risk of drug hangover that could impair driving, operation of heavy machinery or any task that required full mental attention.

In my practice I rarely prescribe this medication due after reports of bizzarre and even suicidal behaviour after using Stilnox™.

If you are currently using Stilnox™ I recommend having a chat with your doctor.

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Dr George

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