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Two Top Tips For Sounding Safety

Hey there Guys. Today I thought it was important to talk about sounding safety after a 70 year old man had to be operated on to have a dinner fork removed from his penis. To quote the news report:

A 70-year-old Canberra man came to an extraordinarily painful fork in the road when he presented to Canberra Hospital’s Emergency Department with a 10cm fork lodged in his penis.

The steel cutlery item was inserted into his urethra for his sexual gratification, a write-up in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports said.

It remains uncertain how the gentleman thought that could be achieved.

The fork was not visible from the outside but doctors were able to feel it.

“The motives for insertion of a variety of objects are difficult to comprehend”, the report, titled An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body, said.

For the uninitiated, sounding is a fetish where pleasure is derived from inserting objects into the urethra of the penis.

While the number of people who enjoy sounding is not huge it’s still important that this is able to be done without causing problems down the track.

If I was to bring the concept of sounding safety to two simple ideas they would be: sterile and smooth.

Importantly, any object that is entering the body needs to be sterile. Sounds can be sterilised by cleaning down with alcohol wipes and then allowing the sound to air dry.

Alcohol is an effective agent for killing bacteria that may be on the surface of the sound however it’s important to ensure that it’s air dried before insertion.

Secondly it’s important that any object placed inside the urethra is smooth. The lining of the urethra is very delicate, also be aware that the urethra passes through the prostate so great care needs to take place to ensure you do not cause any damage.

To ensure safe insertion be sure to use sterile lubricant. Small sachets of sterile lubricant can be picked up from chemists and some online retailers.

If you feel reluctant to talk to your local pharmacist one retailer who has very good quality gear is Mr S Leather.

My personal thoughts is that sounding is a very risky and I can’t recommend it. That said I understand there are people who do get great pleasure from the activity thus today’s post about sounding safety…

Just remember these two words, sterile and smooth.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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