Free Meningococcal Vaccine in Victoira Australia

Update On Meningococcal Vaccine For Victoria

Meningococcal Vaccine Update With Advice For HIV Positive Men

As an update the 4 strain Meningococcal vaccine (A, C, Y, W) vaccine is now available free for all gay and bisexual men living in Victoria Australia.

If you are living with HIV you are urged to consider getting the vaccine to protect your health. Men living with HIV are advised that for the best protection they should be getting 2 injections spaced at least 8 weeks apart. This is regardless of current CD-4 count.

Be sure to contact your GP, gay men’s health centre or sexual health centre.

In Melbourne’s CBD I can confirm that I am able to supply the vaccine at Collins Street Medical Centre as is Melbourne Sexual Health. All GP’s are able to offer the vaccine from stocks supplied by the health department.

Contact details:

  • Dr George Collins Street Medical: Level 7 267 Collins St, Melbourne Ph: (03) 9654 6088
  • Melbourne Sexual Health: 580 Swanston St, Carlton Ph: (03) 9341 6200

Dr George Forgan-Smith

Video Transcript
Hey guys. It’s Dr George here, and I just wanted to give a little bit of an update on the meningococcal vaccine in Victoria, Australia. Now, as of today, the government will contribute towards the cost of the vaccine, which is fantastic, and they are offering it free to all men who have sex with men, that’s gay and bisexual men.
Now, I have been in discussion with Professor Edwina Wright from the Alfred about the best approach for people living with HIV. I have had a number of questions about this, and she’s gotten back with a really good, clear response. We encourage all people living with HIV, no matter their CD4 count, to get the vaccine. It’s an important vaccine. However, people living with HIV should be getting two injections of the vaccine, and they need to be separated by over eight weeks. That way, you’ll have maximum protection, but currently all men who have sex with men in Victoria are able to get the vaccine for free. If you’re living with HIV, we can ensure that you get the two injections as well.
If you are not from Victoria, I still encourage you to get the vaccine. If you have private health cover that includes pharmaceuticals as part of your extras package, you can get the vast amount of the cost of the vaccine back. I actually paid for my own vaccine. It was $100, and I got $60 of that back through my insurer.
Guys, I highly, highly recommend. Consider getting the meningococcal vaccine. It’s a terrible disease, and this injection can make a massive difference, not only to your health but the health of the community. Please see your doctor and get the vaccine as soon as you can.
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