A Quick Tip For Last Minute Gift Buying

Hey there Guys,

I know that Christmas can be dam crazy and today I wanted to share one simple tip that has saved my ass on more one occasion.

As mentioned in the video I’ve found the following gifts to be fantastic “emergency” gifts if someone has slipped your mind.

Amazon Gift Vouchers Rock: You can pick one up online at: http://amazon.com

For music lovers an iTunes Gift Voucher: http://apple.com *Be aware that gift cards are country specific. US cards can only be used in the US, Australian gift cards can only be used in Australia.

And finally magazines can be picked up fairly easily at your local news agent or convenience store.

I hope that these simple tips may help take a little of the stress out of your Christmas day.

Yours in great health.

Dr George

PS. What tips do you have for last minute gifts?

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