Are We Ready For A Elderly Gay Population?

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Hey there Guys,

Not sure you have seen this video recently but it seems to have taken on a rather “viral” quality. With more than 900,000 views I have to ask the question why? Is it that there are 900,000 pensioners keen to learn about new “hip friendly” sex positions or is it that the general public are watching, perhaps intrigued at the idea of people older than 60 being sexually active?

How about our older gay generation? It’s almost like they are forgotten and ignored. When was the last time you saw a safe sex campaign aimed at older gay men?

Clearly I am not the only person thinking about this important topic, given the recent press. As noted by The Florida Times

[wpse_b_box_solid width=”87%” style=”blue_light” shadow=”yes”]The pressure of being gay and elderly is enough to drive some people back into the closet, said Stu Maddux, producer of a documentary on the topic.

“The bullies that were there at the beginning of your life, we’ve found that they’re waiting for you near the end of it too,” he said. “And this time you can’t run very fast.[/wpse_b_box_solid]

Discussing life in a nursing home elderly lesbian Vicki Wengrow goes on to say:

[wpse_b_box_solid width=”87%” style=”blue_light” shadow=”yes”]You can feel pretty alone if you let it get to you, said Vicki Wengrow, a one-time English instructor at area colleges and a massage therapist for 33 years.

She was 29 when she came out as a lesbian in 1972. She was a married mother who had become an enthusiastic member in Jacksonville of the women’s liberation movement, which made that announcement much easier, she said with a laugh.

She’s 69 now, living in a retirement community in Riverside. She’s had a few nasty phone calls, some insensitive comments, she said. But she’s also found acceptance, even from some of her most conservative, religious acquaintances there.

Many people know of her sexuality, she said, and most try to be understanding. She doesn’t have a partner, which makes it easier.

“It’s not like I’m quote-unquote flaunting it,” Wengrow said. “As a couple of people here said, ‘As long as you don’t flaunt it.’ ”[/wpse_b_box_solid]

In a similar theme to documentary “Gen Silent” international film maker Christopher Banks has explored this topic with his tender film “The Colonel’s Outing“.

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The words “We can’t always live the life we want Mrs Pleasants” haunts me. Those words make me angry, sad and worried.

Living with an aging gay population I have to ask, are we ready to support and care for out brothers and sisters? Or will gay men and women continue to fade into the background. What can we do to support our aging population? Does the vibrant rainbow flag have to fade to boring beige?

What are your thoughts Guys? I’d love to hear your opinions… Let’s face it we are going to need them!


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