Are You Ok?

Hey there Guys,

I was reading a post on Bipolar Bear’s blog about a fantastic Australian’s suicide prevention program called “R U OK?

This programme has been put together to help broach the fear and mis-information about suicide in particular in those under the age of 35.

Suicide is the biggest killer of Australian men and women between the age of 15 and 35. With every person that completes suicide there are more then 30 people who have made an attempt.

Within society there is are strong fears around mental illness. People worry that that talking about suicide may “make things worse”. This is not the case.

Studies that look at the behaviour of people who have completed suicide show people crying for help. There is a spike in visits to their GP’s in the weeks before their attempts, and many people who have attempted but not succeeded report that they wanted to talk to someone but didn’t want to be a burden on their friends or family.

Helping a mate who is struggling is not to be feared, it’s a chance to save a life. Talking to a mate about how they are feeling will not increase the chance of suicide, it actually reduces it and protects their life.

I know it sounds scary but by broaching the subject your care has a massive impact. Being there, listening and being able to guide a friend or family member to their GP or local hospital or health service when they are down makes a huge difference.

If you are unsure how to start the conversation be sure to check out this important guide at the R U OK? website -> How To Start The R U OK Conversation There are even additional services there on the page you can contact if you need help on the steps to take.

Do you know someone that may be struggling?

Grab a moment, grab a coffee and ask the question. Are you ok mate?

Dr George

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