How To Clean Butt Plugs & Anal Toys

Today I wanted to share a quick guide on how to clean butt plugs and other anal toys.

butt plugs and anal toys

Due to the nature of where these toys are placed having a good routine to clean butt plugs can not only help you stay healthy but can also extend the life of your toys.

Even smaller butt plugs can lead to minor trauma to the lining of the anal canal so there is a risk of blood getting onto the toys. For this reason it is best that each person has their own individual toys or if they are being shared they need to be carefully cleaned between people. Some people will place a condom onto toys if they are being used by another person.

The easiest way to clean butt plugs is to first wash them off with plenty of warm water. This helps get off the left over lube and faecal matter. After this fill a basin with warm water and add a few squirts of anti-bacterial soap. Gently wash the surface of the toy with your fingers. Some lubricants for butt plugs can be harder to remove than others so you may need to repeat the procedure a couple of times.

Never use a scrubber or dish brush as this can damage the surface of the toy making it harder to keep it clean in the future.

Once clean gently rinse off with plenty of fresh water and gently dry with a paper hand towel.

I usually recommend keeping each of your toys in an individual plastic zip lock back to keep them clean between play sessions.