How To Choose A Butt Plug

Today I wanted to recommend a few simple tips on how to choose a butt plug.

With all anal toy’s it’s important to choose toys that will not cause damage to the delicate lining of the anal canal. For this reason I highly recommend choosing a butt plug that has very smooth edges to avoid any scratches to the anus.

butt plugs and anal toys

Butt plugs come in many different materials including metal, vinyl, latex and silicone.

There are some anal toys made of glass however I don’t recommend them due to the potential issues if the materials were to be chipped or damaged.

If you are allergic to latex or rubber it is best to choose a butt plug made of vinyl or silicone.

When stating to explore with anal play I recommend choosing a butt plug that is soft yet firm. This will enable your body to become gradually accustomed to the sensations of insertion.  It’s best to have a variety of sizes so you can gently increase in girth. I recommend choosing anal toys with a large base to help prevent the toy falling inside the body and preventing an embarrassing visit to the hospital.

Use of plenty of lube helps make insertion much easier. Different materials require different lubricants please check the following guide to choosing the ideal lubricant for butt plugs.

Take it slow and experience the different sensations, allowing your body to relax as you explore the different feelings.

As you become more experienced with anal play you will be able to try different sizes, shapes and textures.