Can Evil Like This Really Exist?

Do you know what a psychopath is?

I know this is an unusual way to start a blog post but today I have come across a blogger who’s writing is so morally wrong I have to wonder whether the formal tag of “psychopathy” may very well be appropriate.

To be honest I have found the content so sickening, so far from the norm that there is no way in good conscience I can share the link. Firstly because I don’t want this person getting the attention he feels he so rightly deserves but secondly, the content is so twisted and offensive I have to wonder why it should be allowed to be published at all.

I’m sure you must be wondering what the hell this blog must be about to raise my angst and ire so high…

Have you ever heard the term “Stealth Seeding”?

To break it down, “stealth” indicates an act that is  hidden or not detectable. “Seeding” is a bareback term for shooting a load of cum into somewhere, usually an ass. Thus “stealth seeding” would indicate a preference for offering what might resemble sex protected from cum, usually via a condom, that is clearly the opposite.

The website I was alerted to contains multiple examples where the author had used condoms that had been cut, broken with fingers or even just removed mid sex, with the sexual partner unaware of what is going on.

I fully understand that people have the right to choose how they practice sex. Whether that be with or without condoms, there are many variables and people have a right to choose. The moment choice is removed I become deeply concerned and that tight sick feeling starts to rise within my gut.

On the blog there are a number of posts that talk about anal sex with a condom that had been prepared with a slice right through the top. This way had the bottom checked, they would still be able to feel the condom at the base despite one simple tug from the top moving the condom down past the head of his cock enabling him to “seed” the bottom unaware.

Perhaps most disturbing is that the website is filled with numerous “tips and tricks” teaching readers exactly how to commit these acts without detection. The writer goes to the most explicit detail on how to sabotage condoms and use them without detection, and there are suggestions and direct promotion of a particular lube “because it looks like cum so the bottom will never know what is what”, while also sharing his psychological manipulations that pressure men to do as he pleases.

I found the writing particularly disturbing, however through the anger, through the tales of “treating the bottom like a piece of meat just begging to be seeded” there was a message that emerged that may help prevent people from becoming the victim of “stealth seeding”. Whether the acts on this site are fiction or scary tales of truth, one redeeming feature may be that it opens people’s eyes.

How to avoid being manipulated.

Reviewing this site has crystallized a few ideas that can help prevent acts occurring against your will.

By far the first important idea is to know and feel comfortable with your sexual partners.

Get to know them and their particular likes and dislikes. While getting to know your partner, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t meet them. What the makes you think it will somehow change when you are face to face?

Be careful if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you feel like you can’t control your actions get a friend to take you home.

If at any point you feel manipulated, pressured or you are being asked to do something you don’t want to do, leave. Don’t hang around and try to negotiate.

If a sexual partner advertises they are an “aggressive top who only does bare back”, why would they change their preference if you came along? Is anyone really that special?

If you decide you are going to have anal with a guy you don’t know well, be sure the condom is not sabotaged. The only way to be sure of this is to consider the following:

  • You need to supply the condom
  • You need to supply the compatible water or silicone based lube to go with the condom
  • You need to put the condom onto his cock and control the condom until it’s in your ass
  • You need to check the condom on a regular basis. If you are worried the condom has changed in some way use a line like “we’ve been going for a while, let’s change the condom over”
  • You need to remove and check the condom after the session

Actions like going bareback and telling the top “don’t come inside” mean nothing. It’s not safe, and from what the discussed blogger has said, he knows perfectly well how to silently cum and then pretend to shoot minutes after he’s already done his deed.

If at any point you are concerned, you notice passing semen afterwards or you notice the condom is broken seek immediate medical attention to consider PEP if you are HIV negative. If you are HIV positive and are concerned you may have been exposed to other infections it’s important to see your doctor for testing to allow optimum health and treatment if required.

Any sexual act that is non-consensual is rape. Be sure to contact your local police or sexual assault center for advice.

This has been a heavy and difficult piece to write. Despite the nasty, ugly and manipulative content this person has created I choose to believe that we as a community are good people and we have the ability to care for each other. I hope this post may be part of this process.

Yours in good health.

Dr George

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