Can You Make A Difference?

Hey there Guys,

This weekend I was very fortunate to visit the home of a wonderful man on his 60th birthday. Living with multiple medical illness Charles has frequent needs for medical visits, testing and other complex needs. As you can imagine this is not easy when when you are already unwell.

Thanks to a caring team of carers Charles is able to live a life filled with joy and good humor despite difficulties that would easily have me in the depths of depression. During the party I was able to meet some of these carers and watch how they genuinely care and love for Charles like he was a close family member.

It is this love, this gift of giving that humbles me. In a world where there can be so much bad news and nasty events we forget that every day there are people who do care, who are able to offer love and support to people who struggle. This party was filled with these people, caring, loving, wonderful people.

A little while back I created this video as a response to a clip that talked about how ugly and nasty the gay world can be. As I discuss in this response, this can be a result of how we as a community have been treated. Good news is that despite this treatment we are strong and we have the skills to be part of the solution.

So my question to you is simple…

What have you done today that makes you feel proud?

Yesterday I was proud as punch to see the amazing impact my partner has had working as part of the team who help improve the lives of people living with significant medical problems. While being a doctor in one thing, supporting someone as they go through endless appointments, helping with errands and even the simple things like phoning up and checking “are you ok?”, that’s fucking amazing.

I’m so proud of my partner and all the people who help others live with dignity. You guys rock! I am humbled in your presence.

Yours in great health.

Dr George Photo Cred: gregor_y


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