Condoms and Lube

Travelling? Remember To Pack Some Condoms And Lube

Hey there Guys. Just saw a post over at the Gay News Network talking about differences between Australia and Europe when it comes to providing condoms and lube in sex venues.

Currently in Australia sex on premise venues AKA “sauna’s” and “cruise clubs” participate and help promote safe sex by providing free condoms and water based lube “where ever sex happens”. In most places condom packs are available throughout the venues and also in rooms that can be used.

Research shows that having the condoms available and easy to grab helps encourage safe sex and the use of condoms.

Within Europe there is no mandated supply of condoms. While some venues do supply condoms and lube many do not. This can be seen as a barrier to safe sex with some people opting for unsafe sex due to difficulty getting condoms or the inconvenience of leaving the room to find a place where they may be available.

While the mentioned article’s focus is on Europe I have also noticed that condom supplies can also be hit and miss in many clubs in the USA and Asia as well.

Passport, Wallet, Condoms and Lube

For this reason it’s always a great idea to think ahead and pack your own condoms and lube. This can work great if you prefer a particular style of condom or you have a brand of lube that you really like. Thankfully they don’t take too much room in your bag and are easy to pop into your pocket before you head out.

One tip is to make sure you pack your lube into a plastic ziplock back before you fly. The change in atmosphere can lead to lube packets leaking. Having them protected can help avoid the embarrassment of your favourite suit being covered in lube before that important meeting. Some people also slip in a condom and lube into their flight bag, you just never know who you might get seated next to!

Enjoy your holidays and remember sex can, and sometimes does, happen almost anywhere ;).

Yours in great health.

Dr George


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